Day and Night blinds

Day and Night Blinds

Get two stunning styles in one blind with a day and night vision blind. Whether you’re looking to let in the light or shut down for sleep, these blinds allow you to do so with their inventive design. The blinds ensure privacy whilst also allowing you to take advantage of the sunlight, they do this by having sliding horizontal strips of sheer material through a double layer of fabric.

  • They’re half a voile, half a roller blind which you can line up any way you like to get complete control over the light coming in.
  • Day-Night blinds are made from double the amount of fabric than your standard roller blind so it will be slightly more expensive.
  • Day-Night blinds are popular for their array of functionalities and modern sleek look.
  • Day-Night Blinds are a great way of controlling the level of privacy and sunlight coming into your home.


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